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, crews use heavy machinery to search for people buried under the debris, but they're hampered by a series of strong aftershocks. >>> a two-week-old baby and her mother have been pulled from the remains of a building following sunday's powerful earthquake in eastern turkey. a ten-year-old was also rescued. >> it is incredible. i hope other people will be found alive. >> with overnight temperatures dropping to freezing point, many survivors are sleeping in tents and huddling around fires to stay warm. emergency supplies respect reaching all the effected communities and electricity and water remain cut off. >>> the united states and north korea end add two day meeting. the meeting produced no breakthroughs. the special envoy steven bosworth spoke tuesday. the gathering held at a north korean mission to the u.n. in geneva, switzerland. >> we narrowed differences on several points and explored our differences on other points. we will need more time and more discussion to reach agreement. >> the u.s. side is believed to have urged the north to end the uranium enrichment program and accept inspe
to the citizens who elected us that it is necessary to pass through this difficult phase. this is the only way to avoid an even worse fate. >> greeks what none of it. they are facing job losses for 30,000 public sector workers as well as new taxes. that is why they send a message the only way they can. the package of cuts are a precondition for greece getting their hands on the last amount of bail of funds they need. >> major unions promise even bigger protests for tomorrow. for more, we spoke to our correspondent in athens and asked what we can expect. >> well, there is a call by the communist union to actually surround parliament in order to keep mp's from being able to make their way there and cast a vote on a very controversial new round of austerity that the government is desperate to vote through parliament tomorrow. the unions have vowed that they will try to circle parliament to prevent the mps from voting this. rallies are expected at the capital throughout the capital. there is anger on the streets of athens. >> is there a fear that worst violence might erupt after the clashes that w
correspondent is in brussels and has been following today's talks. he told us more about her stance. >> she said that she had talks with the rest of the commission over lunch. they were pressing upon angela merkel that her backing was required because of her status as the leader of the wealthiest countries in the european union. she seems to have come on board. a week ago in berlin, she was saying that there must be changed. she said today, we will see later about that. it might be necessary. she is changing her 10 slightly on bad. she is falling in behind the commission, demanding strong support from all around the state. >> it was a day of waiting and frustration for anyone wanting to travel in and out of greece today. >> a general strike force the cancellation of all flights in the country. >> of thousands of workers took to the streets of athens to protest millions of jobs cuts. >> and job cuts and wage reductions are elements of the savings greece needs to make in order to qualify for more bailout to help. >> the chance is never -- the chant is "never." a stable never accept the government
>> hello and welcome to "the journal" in berlin. >> thanks for joining us. >> here is that the headlines as though the world's tennis -- here are the headlines. the world remembers and mourns steve jobs. the man of images and metaphors, the swedish poet tomas transtrĂ–mer wins the nobel prize in literature. the world of computing and technology is mourning a major loss, the co-founder of apple, steve jobs, died on wednesday after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. >> tributes have been pouring in from around the world. president barack obama said that the world have lost a visionary and a great american innovator. >> the ipod, the iphone, and the ipad were all brainchild's of jobs. >> a tribute to the man read, "to those of us that have been fortunate enough to know and work with steve have lost a dear man and inspiring mentotor." he he revolutionized the world with these products. he said that this was more than just personal computing. >> in 2010, we added the ipad. >> jobs was and innovator and a self-made millionaire. it all started in this california gar
of u.s. government bonds after a credit rating agency downgraded u.s. debt in early august. the latest data released by the u.s. treasury department on tuesday show that china's holdings of u.s. treasures fell to $1.173 trilli37 trillion at f august. that's down from $1.173 trillion a month earlier. this marks the first time this china has sold so many u.s. treasures in a single month. we spoke to christian carillo, director of asia pacific interest rate strategy at societe general securities in tokyo on what the impact on markets might be. >> the chinese, the pboc and its international reserve arm, are in the process of diversifying away from u.s. treasuries. this is mainly a result of their policy to try to realign their exchange rate at a more acceptable level in the international market. so it's normal for chinese authorities to be opportunistically trying to sell holdings of u.s. treasuries and buy other things. the u.s. is still a major currency in international markets, not only because of the ratings themselves but also because of the uses of the u.s. dollar both in investment
, christians and muslims, men, women, old, and young. let us stand against this ugly conspiracy. >> eu foreign ministers expressed concern over the events in cairo. in luxembourg, they called for the protection of all egyptians. >> i think it is important that egyptian authorities and all concerned in egypt reaffirm freedom of worship in egypt, and that all sides step back from the violence. that is what the world looks to them all to do. >> the mood in cairo was fraught. many are concerned violence could flare again at any time. >> in libya, forces backing the transitional government say they have cornered troops loyal to gaddafi in sirte. the town saw heavy fighting on monday, with tanks near the convention center. civilians are trying to flee. the red cross is helping evacuate those from the main hospital, which has been badly hit by the fighting. foreign ministers from all 27 union countries have called for the president of syria to step down. they said the crackdown on protesters may amount to crimes against humanity. also on the eu list -- belarus. there were expanded sanctions against t
of japan will intervene in the currency market. speculation that the u.s. federal reserve may take additional measures to ease monetary policy is spurring moves to buy the dollar and yen. now that it is changing hands between 75.95-99. >>> u.s. stock prices surged after eu leaders agreed on comprehensive measures to deal with the debt crisis in europe. >>> another supporting factor was data on the u.s. economy released thursday. gross domestic product from july to september was up 2.5% from the previous quarter. >>> let's check on the european stocks. you can see the three indices ended in the positive. in london, up 2.89%. germany up 5.35%, and in france, up 6.28%. >>> "newsline" is the place to turn to for the latest on japan, post march 11th. we have two segments offering two unique perspectives on the fallout from the earthquake and tsunami. "nuclear watch" brings information on the impact of the crisis and "the road ahead" examines efforts to recover and rebuild. don't miss "nuclear watch" and "the road ahead" on "newsline." >>> tokyo electric power company is set to request p
citizens are relishing their lives without a dictator in charge. the u.s. says it will pull the remainder of its nearly 40,000 soldiers out of iraq by the end of the year. washington had planned to keep thousands of troops stationed in iraq to train local forces, but negotiations with baghdad failed to result in a deal. >> u.s. soldiers are packing up their gear. at camp victory in baghdad, the headquarters of the u.s. troop presence. the soldiers' mission is coming to a close after barack obama and iraqi prime minister agree on a withdrawal of active-duty troops in the coming months. >> today, i can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years of america's war in iraq, it will be over. >> of 39,000 u.s. troops are currently stationed in iraq. most are trainers and special forces teams. combat troops left the country a year ago. 4400 americans died in the conflict. >> tunisia takes a step towards democracy this weekend when it votes for constitutional council. a german foreign minister paid a visit to the tunisian e
correspondent in jerusalem. what can you tell us about this deal? do you know anything else? >> one needs to be cautious. tonight, there are several positive signs. according to the israeli media, they could have a position by tonight's. there are expected to get authority. there and several meetings over the past few days with egypt. israel seems to have a very important role in all of this. from what we know now, 1000 prisoners should be released in several stages. these are a high-profile prisoners. it is not clear which names are on the list. >> why is this development coming? >> it would be necessary to see the details of who made the concession. the media on both sides seem to have been more flexible on the issues. i expect the hamas leaders to profit from this, especially the military, because of all the changes in hamas lately. the initiative of abbas and the west bank leadership has gotten a lot of international attention. they have been under pressure from the israeli public to find a solution for a long time. the call this blood on their hands. there is a majority who once him
up will be the first customers in asia to use apple's newest product. today's the day for apple fans around the world. the company's latest product hit stores. it is called the iphone 4s. some call it the 4 steve in honor of the late steve jobs, apple co-founder. the new smart phone has a double camera and double the processing speed. more than a million worldwide preordered it. the device is being released in seven countries, including japan. japanese customers are the first in asia to start using the iphone 4s. our reporter joins us live from tokyo. how is the turnout where you are? it looks pretty exciting over there. >> it is very exciting over here, katherine. the store just opened now. check out this long line curving across the building. as you can see in front of the store, bouquets of flowers have been left in honor of steve jobs. our crews arrived at 6:00 this morning. already at that time, we counted 360 anxious people to get their hands on the iphone 4s. let's talk to people in line about what they are so excited about. >> this gentleman says he is really excited about th
>> hello and welcome to "the journal." >> thanks for joining us. >> coming up, all eyes are on brussels as leaders meet to hammer out a deal they hope will result the iraq crisis once and for all. there is a lot at stake for everyone. it could be a very long night. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> a make or break summit in brussels to deal with europe's debt crisis is already making headway. to avoid a meltdown in the banking sector, leaders have agreed european banks must increase reserves to withstand potential losses. officials also say leaders intend to increase the amount of money in the bailout fund. the leaders are eager to show that are committed to finding a lasting solution to europe's debt problem. >> the meeting of all 27 members produced results as far as how much capital banks should hold with risky investments. >> banks will be required to have 9% core capital. this will have to happen by june next year. >> few observers expected such rapid results. heads of state and government appeared happy with the outcome, but the b
>> welcome to "the journal." >> thank you for joining us. >> the headlines this hour, a truck bomb killed scores of people in the somali capital. the nobel prize in physics for their research on the expanding cosmos. >> france and belgium will step in to save the bank after shares suffered a dramatic plunge. >> the somali islamist group has claimed responsibility for a deadly truck bomb attack. several people were killed and dozens wounded when suicide bomber drove a truck into the gate of the government compounds. many of the victims were students. it comes after the government announced it would drive the militants out of the capital. the bomb ripped through part of the education ministry and the surrounding shops. anyone close to the explosion did not stand a chance of survival. most victims were civilians. many students came to apply for scholarships. >> so many people have died and many more were injured. my thoughts go to the students that came to pick up their results. >> the militant group claimed responsibility. the first major attack since the rebels withdrew from the cap
thousand u.s. dollars and some chinese currency. the leaders of the north korean army allowed him to keep some of the money he made fishing. he had enough to buy imported south korean and chinese goods. at the market he saw videos from overseas and heard talk about life outside the people's republic. convinced there was no future at home, he decided to seek a better life elsewhere. another man told japanese officials he's a grandson of a former chairman north korean's supreme people's assembly but the man's claim is hard to verify. on thursday, the south korean unification ministry said north korea had demanded the return of all nine defectors. but south korea said it will respect the group's wishes and refused to hand them over. the government will now check their identities and motives for escaping before helping them to resettle in their new home. >>> friday marked the tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan. the presence of foreign troops was supposed to be an exercise in rebuilding a nation. but after a decade of fighting, the taliban insurgency is regaining momentum an
. the decontamination work began tuesday. radiation levels there are relatively high. a team of professionals used power washers to clean rooftops and rain gutters. they also removed trees and topsoil from gardens. >> translator: i am hoping the radiation level will go down, but i think they should have started decontamination work earlier. >> fukushima city's ultimate goal is to decontaminate 110,000 residences, public facilities, and roads near schools in the next two years. authorities plan to ask residents and volunteers to help clean up areas where radiation levels are not too high. >> translator: things have finally started, but there are so many hurdles ahead. i think it will be a long battle. >> some of those hurdles include securing the necessary man power and finding space to store radioactive waste. >>> vietnam had a tsunami drill tuesday on the coastline facing the south china sea. it is a sign of how this year's disaster in japan has made ocean facing communities everywhere more alert. dao van hung has more. >> reporter: we never experienced a tsunami before, but what happened in japan was
the country and military troops are searching around the clock using heavy machinery. but aftershocks are forcing rescue operations to be suspended intermittently. many of the collapsed buildings are in urban centers. there are no details reports yet on the damage in rural areas. many people are believed to be trapped under debris. the international community, including japan and the u.s., has offered to help, but the turkish government says it can with it by itself. kurdish separatist gur i will as are struggling near the iraqi border to the south. curds are criticizing the government from declining offers of aid from other countries to cover the kurdish secessionist campaign. nearly 100 apartment buildings collapsed and 169 died in the quake. that's more than half the death toll. it suffered the worst damage. >> reporter: the fire department says they are doing search and rescue operations. at least 150 people are believed to be still trapped under the rubble. they're crying after identifies bodies of their loved ones. they were pulled from the debris of a five story building that w
>>> glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it's thursday october 6th, 8:00 a.m. in tokyo. i'm catherine kobayashi. >>> one of the most powerful politicians in japan is going on trial in just two hours. ichiro ozawa is the former leader of this country's main governing democratic party. he's facing criminal charges in connection with a political funding scandal. our reporter mitsuko nishikawa joins us live with details. mitsuko. >> reporter: hi, catherine. i'm in a park that's right next to the tokyo district court. many people are waiting, hoping to win seats for the public gallery. in yet another sign ichiro ozawa's case is attracting a lot of attention, it's extremely rare for a powerful politician in japan to be facing criminal charges in court. security is being increased in and around the building. ozawa is accused of falsifying financial reports. the charges are in connection with a $5.2 million purchase his political organization made. three of his former secretaries including house of representatives member tomohiro ishikawa were also caught up in the
the financial markets, they do not use small caliber munitions. the financial markets use the big guns. >> for the deputies here in strasbourg, it is time for europe to start shooting back. >> on the eve of the summit, the italian prime minister could be close to agreement with his coalition partners, the northern league, over reforms that could cut government spending. berlusconi has put forward a package of proposals. his party says some progress has been made. there is still no agreement on the plan to raise the retirement age to 67. that is opposed by the northern league, berlusconi, if coalition partners in government. there is a lot of talk, but no action. another has been a bump in the road when it comes to the eu summit. >> a flurry of activity, but will they disappoint the world again? expectations were high heading up to the summit wednesday, but eurozone governments are warning it could take weeks to finalize a plan to solve the debt crisis. leaders will gather in brussels as planned, but a meeting of finance ministers that was expected to lay the groundwork for the deal has
the yen is so strong, they will find it very difficult to bring it back to japan. >>> the u.s. job market grew more than expected in september, but unemployment is still over 9%. the u.s. labor department says there were 103,000 new nonfarm jobs. the market had expected only 60,000. there were 26,000 new jobs in construction, and there were 34,000 new jobs in information services after the end of a strike at a big telecommunications firm. 34,000 jobs were lost in the government sector and 13,000 were lost in manufacturing. the unemployment rate stayed at 9.1%. president obama announced a job creation plan early last month. congress has yet to approve the plan, and the job market is showing no signs of a big improvement. and for an outlook on the u.s. job situation, we spoke with steven wieting, u.s. economist at citi. >> we continue to believe that the economy is growing below trend, that it's not declining and that employment is not declining either. but if we were to continue to get employment gains below 100,000 per month, we will continue to see upward pressure on unemployment. and lo
in august. while hiding in sirt, he used satellite tv calling on supporters to fight until the bitter end. crowds of libyans had songs of jup ladies and gentlemen. his demise is likely to put an end to eight months of civil war. ntc chairman is expected to hold a news conference saturday and declare all of libya liberated. however, many challenges remain before a democratic nation can be established. disagreements within the ntc are delaying the launch of an interim government. world leaders responded to the news of gadhafi's death. >> this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic libya. >> people in libya today have an even greater chance after this news of building themselves a strong and democratic future. >> france was also one of the leading countries in the military intervention in libya. president sarkozy called his demise a milestone in the nation's battle to free itself from more than four decades of dictatorship. >>> u.n. secretary general says the day of gadhafi's deat
for more than a thousand prisoners. in a landmark ruling, the european court bans stem cell use when a human embryo is destroyed. after five years of being held hostage by hamas, israeli soldier gilad shalit has been reunited with his family. the first prisoners released to secure his freedom are back in the west bank and gaza strip. this is an emotional release for palestinians and israelis. >> gilad shalit was given a warm welcome by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as he stepped off the helicopter. a few moments later, he was reunited with his father. his father worked tirelessly to secure his release from captivity. he was set free on the egyptian border and made comments to egyptian television before being handed over to the israelis. shalit looked weak and pale after his ordeal. >> yes, they were five long years but i always thought that the day would come when i would be free. it might have taken a long time, but it finally happened. >> the first group of freed palestinian prisoners were celebrated as heroes in the west bank and gaza. palestinian authority president m
is growing concern about the outlook for the u.s. economy. the yen was seen as a relatively safe currency. >>> in september last year, the japanese government and bank of japan intervened in the foreign exchange market for the first time in six and a half years. the green back continued to fall against the yen. yen buying accelerated on march 17 after the massive earthquake and tsunami in japan. the dollar briefly fell to 76.25 yen. the lowest it had been in nearly 16 years. the japanese government and bank of japan began to have intervention with other countries. it held down the yen, but the dollar gradually fell because of the growing credit problems in europe. on august 4th, the japanese government decided a strong yen would have too harmful an impact on efforts to rebuild. it intervened in the market again and eased the money supply at the same time, but on august 19th the dollar was trading at a record high of 75.95 yen in new york after a major credit rating agency downgraded u.s. debt. growing concern about the global economic outlook continued to prompt investors to buy the yen a
and three hurt in a shooting at a hair salon in the u.s. state of california on wednesday. local police arrested a man and have taken him into custody. the three wounded were taken to the hospital in critical condition. the shooting occurred in the city of seal beach, about 50 kilometers southeast of los angeles. local media report that the victims were employees of the salon. >>> russian military forces on disputed islands in the northern pacific are being reequipped. the arms build-up is part of a long-term strategy that comes despite the fact that the islands are claimed by japan. the interfax news agency says russia has begun replacing aging weapons on the islands. it quotes a senior defense ministry official as saying new surface-to-air missiles and tanks have already been deployed. the official says homes for military personnel are already being built on kunashiri and etorofu islands. in may the chief of the general staff, nicolai makarov, said russia will carry out a military build-up on the two islands over the next five years. >>> the flooding that has inundated much of thailan
as a major blow to al qaeda. they were both killed by a u.s. air strike. obama said that one planned and directed the murder of americans. >> u.s. officials confirmed that the use and on manned drone to target anwar al-awlaki's convoy. it is believed that he was an important and highly active leader within the al qaeda network. he repeatedly advocated the killing of u.s. citizens and even helped to plot a tax. barack obama authorized the assassination last year. obama said that his killing was a milestone in the war on terror. >> this is further proof that al qaeda and its affiliates will find no safe haven anywhere in the world. working with yemen and our other allies, we will be determined, we will be delivered, we will be relentless and resolute in our commitment to destroy terrorist networks. >> anti-terrorism investigators have linked anwar al-awlaki to numerous attacks. two of the 9/11 hijackers are thought to have been his followers. anwar al-awlaki was never charged with any formal crimes. this raises the question of killing a u.s. citizen without due process of law. >> fight
for the laboratory, the french national research council, at the university of strasbourg. it gives us comfort for the work that we do back at home. >> of the medicine prize is traditionally the first of the five to be announced. the three are credited with revolutionizing our understanding of the human immune system. >> they have opened up new avenues for prevention and therapy related research within infectious disease, cancer, inflammation, auto immunity, and more. >> the research helped unlock secrets of the body because the immune system. all of the nobel prizes will be awarded on december 10 in stockholm. >> joining us for more on the nobel prize for medicine is our science correspondent. we know the nobel committee is standing by their decision to include ralphs in the award. tell us more about their work and what it was targeting. >> they were targeting the first line of defense, the eighth indian system. it is your skin, mucous membranes, systems within your body that are in place to keep organisms and pathogens out. what he had done is work to the adaptive immune system, the secondar
was no different. he and the chancellor agreed that money should be used to prop up shaky banks. some were against the idea. leaders boys concerns about the your rescue plan. -- voiced concerns about the rescue plan. >> we are showing solidarity on this issue because we have experience that we are so closely connected that the problems of one country can affect the whole of europe. we are asking every country to do its homework. we will insist on that. but the csu once overly indebted countries brought out of the euro zone. >> i am also wholeheartedly for the concerns of europe. i am also wholeheartedly for economic stability and solid fiscal policies. >> on the meursault's -- angela merkel's next appointment is with french president nicholas are causing -- nicolas sarkozy. >> ratings agencies have an agenda of their own. >> ratings agencies unleased a rash of downgrades across europe. it downgraded government debt in the spain, making it more expensive for them to borrow money on international markets. this is in's second downgrade in a few days. the prime -- this is italy's second downgrade in t
. this removed the final hurdle to remove tax revenues to ease -- to use tax revenues to ease the debt crisis. slovakia was the very last country in the eurozone to agree to expand to 440 billion euros. this is the primary weapon against the growing debt load carried by both governments and banks. >> a whole lot of political wrangling and then, 114 votes, 30 no's. the prime minister is relieved. >> i would like to thank all members of the parliament who decided very responsibly but i am sad. >> that is because the vote came with a catch, early elections to be held next march. >> today is a black day for slovakia and the european taxpayer. i am very sorry about that. our coalition partners are trying to discard any pre- election promises. >> they were always for the rescue fund. >> not approving this in the first round was an international disgrace. if the government cannot deal with decisions like this one, i will not be able to -- they will not be able to deal with these in the future. >> that will be decided in the spring. >> there has been a sigh of relief. >> there is a belief which is po
. the 14th of every month is an unlucky day for the last. they wanted to bring us down on december 14 and now on october 14. now they have failed. >> many in the opposition are convinced that silvio berlusconi's days are numbered following sex and corruption scandals. >> the prime minister meant to prove he can govern. with such a small margin, he has proved he cannot. we cannot permit a situation in which the police would swing their batons. >> a demonstration against the power of the banks was underway in milan. more demonstrations against the banks are planned for saturday. many people say they could easily turn into anti-silvio berlusconi protests. >> the protests have toppled the coalition in slovakia. the government has been dismissed and there are talks about forming an interim government. the president lost an vote of confidence. can world leaders come up with a plan to bail out banks and governments at the same time, if necessary? >> that is what the g-20 wants to do. europe was in the spotlight on friday as the group of 20 gathered in paris. the meeting comes in the run-up t
'm catherine kobayashi. friday marks the tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan. in response to the september 11 terrorist attacks. taliban fighters are stepping up their offensive, making prospects for rebuilding afghanistan unclear. a decade has passed since the united states launched military operations against al qaeda in afghanistan. the invasion also toppled the taliban regime. a new government was later formed under president ham i did karzai with international support, however, with public discontent during reconstruction has allowed the taliban to get stronger. the u.n. says over 1400 civilians were killed in the first half of this year. the highest number since the invasion. >> translator: things improved after the collapse of the taliban. recent recently, the security situation is deteriorating. >> translator: people's lives have become much worse since the u.s. army came to afghanistan. >> the u.s. military began its pullout in july and nato plans to withdraw combat troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> a japanese expert says measures are needed to preve
destroy the infrastructure. they certainly hit the armed forces. this allowed us to get organized. >> with the help of trainers from some nato countries, groups of volunteers with kalashnikov were molded into fighting units. they eventually managed to capture the capital. >> nato was a decisive factor. they were able to sweep gaddafi out of the sky and then to control the way the conflict on the ground was developing. i think that nato decided it. >> it remains to be seen whether nato will play a role inside of libya in the post khaddafi era. the peacekeeping mission would require the deployment of ground troops. >> there will be great reluctance on the part of cash- strapped nato governments including the united states to actually put troops on the ground because this is much more might expensive -- much more expensive. this raises the question, how do you get them out again? >> the timing of the killing of gaddafi will be crucial for libya as well as the alliance, nato. >> recently, many have cast doubt on nato's future. it has proved that it is still capable of something. >> th
the price for the plan to kill the saudi ambassador in washington. the u.s. was threatening a new round of sanctions against the country as well. iran has rejected the charges, saying the allegations are made to deflect attention from america's economic problems. >> washington is urging the world to take action against tehran. u.s. officials say the plot goes right to the top. this was the secretary of state's response. >> a dangerous escalation of the iranian government's longstanding use of political violence and sponsorship of terrorism. >> the u.s. says this man was the target, the saudi ambassador, a close aide to king abdullah, sent to washington after see september 11 attacks to help repair the king's image. one of the attackers was arrested last month. officials say he initially cooperated with authorities and made contact with another suspect, now said to be in iran. saudis say the evidence of official iranian responsibility is overwhelming. the gulf cooperation council of regional states has also condemned the plots. tehran has angrily denied the allegations, calling them ridi
safety standards. >> translator: they submitted the results of the stress test but won't give us any information to help us decide whether or not we can restart the reactor. >> residents have to prove before any reactor can be turned back on. >> one of the crippled reactors at the fukushima daiichi plant was fitted with a cover to lower radioactive emissions. the plant's operator, tepco, had been building the casing for the number one reactor since june. the cover is 54 meters high, 47 meters wide, and 42 meters deep. it has a vent ladies and gentlemen system and filters out radioactive substances. tepco says during tests the system removed more than 90% of radioactive cesium. they are considering installing covers for number three and four reactors were debris removal is completed after summer next year. >>> nato will end its military operation in libya on october 31. nato ambassadors made the decision on friday. nato began its mission in libya in march to protect libyans from forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. it made a preliminary decision to end the mission last week after the nati
women are subjected to a genital mutilation. that is 8000 per day. raping women is used as a weapon of war on every continent. libya is just the latest example. there was reference to u.n. resolution 1325. >> resolution makes violence against women in the armed conflict and international security issues. it underlines the need for women to become participants in the peace process. >> in awarding these prizes, the nobel committee is calling on people around the world to support wittman's fight for freedom. -- women's fight for freedom. >> we are going to talk more about the peace prize winners. let's start with the impact of this award and what it means for women in the arab world. >> this is big support for arab women in fighting for her rights and equality in the arab region. it gives the push and support for other women who are still struggling on the ground and do not have the strength to open up to other people and to the media to tell them do not give up. i can do it. you can do it, too. most importantly, men dominate society in arab countries. they will change the way they loo
now. he's standing right in front of the tokyo stock exchange. ramin, what can you tell us? >> reporter: very good morning to you, ai. as you said, there are concrete measures about greek debt exposure to major banks still ongoing. but as you mentioned, there are some agreements as to the recapitalization for banks. but let's have a look at the currency markets now. just under an hour ahead of when the nikkei and the topix are due to kick off. we can see some levels here. 76.18-23 for the dollar-yen. 105.66-72 for the euro-yen. euro-yen relatively pretty much where it was this time yesterday. but the dollar-yen is quite sensitive and still trading at historically high levels. and in fact, hit 75.71 during london trading hours. and investors here in japan today are going to be keenly focused on whether japanese authorities do step in to the markets. now, let's have a look also at stock markets and the dow jones industrial average, which did end higher, largely on the back of the positive sentiment from an agreement to recapitalize european banks. you can see there 11,869, up
>> hello and welcome to "the journal." >> thank you for joining us. >> more floodwaters threatened to swamp bangkok. five days after the devastating earthquake in turkey, a young boy is rescued alive from the rubble. there are clashes in tunisia after an islamist party wins the first democratic election there. we began in thailand where the country's worst floods in half a century are threatening to submerge a large part of the capital, bangkok. the city is already at a record high and it could burst its banks. a huge mass of water approaching bangkok from the central plains. several parts of central bangkok are already inundated. >> there is water as far as the eye can see. it is easier to get around by boat to them on foot or in a car. tens of thousands have already left the city, others are trying. >> i did not expect the flooding to be this bad. i am prepared for it but they have asked us to leave. >> the premise to says that so much water is bearing down that there is little that the government can do. >> the crisis we are experiencing is unprecedented in history. i would like
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